Dialysis treatment three times a week, for four hours treatment a day, for the rest of their lives.
Haemodyalisis Unit at the Paphos General Hospital.
The Treasurer accepting a generous donation of 320 Euros from Graham Ormiston of Stage One Theatre in Emba to go toward our dialysis machine fund.

Any donations can be made securely by just clicking the DONATE button on any page of this website.
The Harmony Singers at The Green Olive, entertaining a gathering of 130 guests.
With a donation from the restaurant, a raffle and a bucket collection that netted the 1343 euros. Well done.
Linda Witham very kindly organised an Ascot Ladies' Day at Mario's Bar in Tala, donating the entire proceeds of 940 euros to us. The winning hat ironically was won by the gentleman.
Many Thanks to the UKCA Fashion Show where we raised 394 Euros
A huge thank you to the Harmony Singers for raising 1343 euros for us at The Green Olive Restaurant.
John Adams completeing his 42195 metre marathon indoor row at our Fund Raising Day on June 5th where a staggering 5300 euros was raised on the day with over 400 people attending
Graham Brown, current chairman of the Association 'celebrating' his 100th dialysis treatment with the aid of two renal ward nurses, Raphaela Lamprou and Monica Michael